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PTBSync is a multifunction-application from ElmüSoft for the Windows desktop. The program contains a complex organizer, desktop calendar, destop notes, synchronizes the Windows clock with an atomic clock and extends the taskbar clock.
PTBSync is Charity-ware: ElmüSoft does not earn money with this program but asks you to give a donation to a non-profit organization.

Here are some key features of PTBSync:
· Desktop Calendar (see Screenshot)
· Display of date, events, holidays, etc. on the desktop.
· You can put all elements anywhere on the desktop.
· Continuously adjustable transparency for all desktop elements.
· 100% user configurable! (all colors, fonts, images, transparency etc..)
· Supports up to 15 monitors!
· World clock ( Screenshot )
· Transparent Desktop Icon Text:
· Graphical moon phase display with detailed tooltip. ( Screenshot )
· Calculation of sun- and moon rise and set.
· Calculation of civil, nautical and astronomical twilight.
· Display of details about the computer ( Screenshot )
· Personally adaptable menstruation calendar:
· Analog clock, date display and mini calendar with tooltip for March,17th
· Desktop Notes
· Any HTML Note can be placed on the Desktop.
· Each note can be opened / closed via left click
· Each note can be edited via right click
· In a note you can place tables, images and links to webpages or local files.
· 100% user configurable (colors, fonts, transparency etc.)
· Web Calendar / Print Calendar
· PTBSync creates a HTML calendar, which you can upload on a server or you can directly print it.

Download PTBSync for Windows

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