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The ZIP compression market is flooded with feature-packed software, but JustZIPit is not one of them! In the field of ZIP software, JustZIPit is “little ZIP program with less”. So how is “less” a good thing? Well, the idea is that ZIP software has become unnecessarily complicated — frustrating to most users who just do not need more complexity.

Consider WinZIP — a most excellent program — with a user manual of over a hundred pages and a “Quick Start Guide” ten pages long. It presents a sharp contrast to JustZIPit’s total documentation of just one paragraph. Whereas WinZIP presents wizards, an eight-tab options dialog and over ten screens (just during installation), JustZIPit does not even have a user interface — only a progress bar. In fact, all of JustZIPit’s functionality is accessed through explorer’s context-menus.

Some of JustZIPit’s Special Features:

Download JustZIPit for Windows

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