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ALZip will do it all, when it comes to ZIP files, archives and compression.

Here are some key features of ALZip:
· Strong support for numerous file formats: ALZip supports 34 different compression formats.
· Simply the best! ALZip does it all so you are ready to share files without having to install any additional programs.
· Automatic installation management: ALZip’s install manager lets you install programs directly from archived or compressed files! Simply select the archive with the installation program in it and click ALZip’s Install button on the toolbar to extract the program, run the installation, and clean up the temporary files – all at once.
· ALZip supports spanned archives: ALZip spanned archives let you split large files into multivolume/multipart archives of any size you want, so you can easily email and distribute them.
· Want to send ALZipped files to friends that don’t have ALZip? Don’t worry! Even if your friends don’t have ALZip installed on their computers, ALZip’s Self-Extractor lets them decompress and extract files automatically by simply double-clicking on the SFX archive.
· ALZip?! Absolute simplicity! You can create and access archives by right-clicking on archives and zip files in Windows Explorer. You can also effortlessly add files to an existing archive or extract compressed files by Dragging & Dropping to and from the main ALZip application window.
· Uncompromising performance! With support for more archive formats than any other compression utility available, ALZip combines it’s user-friendly interface with unparalleled power and performance.

· CPU 150 MHz +
· RAM 32 MB +

Download ALZip for Windows

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