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A free software designed to help you to extract your archive files (zip, rar and ace format) with one operation. The program does not require any installed archive program such as Winzip or Winrar or WinAce.

Here are some key features of UnzipThemAll:
· Select all your archive files and in one click, the program will decompress them in the current folder or in a selected folder or in a new folder who’s name is equal to archive’s name or in a folder who’s name is made with a counter.
· The programe does not recquire any installed archive program such as Winzip, Winrar or Winrar. It is fully independant.
· The program can sit in the Windows’s traybar so that you can call it on demand.
· Possiblity to display a drop zone to uncompress your files quickly.
· You can use the program to change files attributes.
· The program can also copy files names to the clipboard and create folders with names.
· If you have password protectd arcives, you can type the password to extract files.
· You can save 20 favorites folders.
· You can set a startup directory or restore the last working. directory.
· The program can hide istelf while decompressing files, it can, too, beep at the end of the operation and/or display a message when the process is finished.
· Possibility to see an history of all the decompressions the program made during the session.
· You can call the program from the Windows Explorer.
· The program is available in french and in english.

Download UnzipThemAll for Windows

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