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NeoDVD offers an unbeatable combination of stability, performance, and value. Incorporating lessons learned over years of making industry leading DVD authoring software, neoDVD is the only DVD video burning software you will ever need.

Here are some key features of neoDVD:
· 16/9 wide-screen resolution – Watch your DVD on your wdiescreeen TV.
· Enhanced Audio Sync – We have gone the extra mile to make sure that your audio and video stay in sync, no matter what the original source.
· Effortless DVD burner support – neoDVD 7 incorporates the latest automatic drive detection technology so that your burner is always supported.
· Capture from your camcorder or VCR directly to DVD with true Direct to Disc recording – Press the button, write directly to the DVD disc, stop wasting time waiting for the disc to close.
· +VR and -VR set top recorder support – record on your set top recorder, cut out the commercials with neoDVD
· Available Dolby Digital (AC3) Audio Plug-In – Unleash the power of Dolby Stereo on your DVD’s Upgrade to Stereo Dolby Sound with our Dolby Digital (AC3) Plug-In. Enhance the DVD viewing experience by creating DVDs with high-quality audio output using neoDVD 6.0 and Dolby Stereo.
· Automatic Disc Format detection neoDVD 7 knows what disc format you are using and selects the proper output format automatically
· Full motion thumbnails – give your discs that professional look.Custom Backgrounds add you own DVD Menu backgrounds for a personal touch
· Slideshow Archive your digital photos on DVDAdjustable Quality Settings – Write up to 90 minutes of video on each DVD disc in Best Quality or up to or up to 5 hours in Good Quality
· Capture MPEG-2 files to your Hard DriveneoDVD supports all disc types – DVD+R, DVD-R, DVD+RW, DVD-RW, DVD-RAM, CD-R, CD-RW
· Smart Buffering for capturing video with slower PC’s
· Disc Copy Mode so you can back-up your homemade DVD for sharing or safekeeping
· Quick Eject for DVD+RW so you don’t have to wait forever for your disc to be finished
· Low system requirements you don’t have to buy a new PC to author DVD’s with neoDVD 7
· CAPTURE footage from your camcorder, VCR, or TV to DVD.
Easily transfer video from your Digital Video (DV) or Analog Capture device (such as a VCR or TV Tuner Card) to your computer and create your own personalized DVD or VCD. neoDVD allows you to save video on your hard disk drive in any of the following formats: AVI, MPEG-1, or MPEG-2 file.
· Direct-to-Disc Recording :
This feature allows users to turn old home movies and videos into DVDs in a simple, truly one-step process. Instead of writing first to a hard drive buffer, neoDVD writes directly to disc. This reduces hard disk drive requirements and makes the process of creating a DVD easier than ever. Direct-to-Disc Recording is compatible with commercially available DVD+RW and DVD-RAM drives.
· DVD+VR (+RW) Support:
If a user creates a DVD disc in DVD+VR format using a DVD+RW set top recorder, they can load the finished disc into neoDVD, add/delete video clips, rearrange the content, and then burn the changes to the same disc while maintaining the playback compatibility with existing DVD video players and recorders.
· Automatic DVD Format Detection
neoDVD helps you to select the most relevant disc format, DVD-Video, DVD+VR, or DVD-VR. Because the authoring features of each DVD format are very different, MedioStream created one software module for each format: neoDVD video, neoDVD-VR, neoDVD+VR, and neoVCD
· MODIFY discs created on DVD set-top Recorders.
By incorporating the industry-standard Video Recording (VR) feature into neoDVD, users can import disc content created on any DVD set-top recorder into neoDVD, perform additional editing functions or append video files stored on the computer’s hard disk drive and burn the changes to the same disc!
· PERSONALIZE your DVD or VCD project.
Add your favorite home videos, digital photos and background music then personalize the menu, trim unwanted video scenes and add transitions between clips before burning to DVD.
· Make COPIES of your homemade DVD or VCD to share with friends and family.
Make copies of your homemade DVD or VCD video discs or video files stored on your computer’s hard disk drive.
· Smart Buffering :
Typically, when a PC lacks the minimum processing speed required for real-time performance, the software will either fail or buffer the incoming DV video onto the hard disk drive while waiting for the CPU to finish its current task. With Smart Buffering, neoDVD will cause the camcorder to pause instead of buffering the video onto the hard drive. By automatically controlling the camcorder, neoDVD can perform DV to DVD transcoding on PCs with as little as 400MB of Hard Disk space when using a DVD+RW drive.
· Direct-to-Disc Copying :
When copying directly from one disc to another in the Copy Module, this feature allows users to make the disc copy in a simple one-step process. Direct-to-Disc Copying reduces the hard disk drive requirements and increases the speed of making a disc copy.
· Quick Eject :
When creating a DVD disc, it usually takes some time to close the DVD creating session (approximately 15 minutes) regardless of the length of the video footage. With the Quick Eject function enabled, users can greatly reduce the time it takes to finish creating a short DVD when using a DVD+RW drive

· CPU Speed:
Video Capture: Intel Pentium/Celeron or AMD Athlon/XP processor with a minimum clock speed of 1.2GMHz. (1.7GHz and higher recommended).
Authoring: Intel Pentium/Celeron or AMD Athlon XP processor with a minimum speed of 1GHz (1.5GHz and higher required for real-time performance).
· Hard Disk Drive/Memory Requirements: Minimum of 5 GB of HDD space with at least 256MB of RAM
· Graphic Card Requirements: AGP graphics card with a minimum of 8MB of video RAM
· Video Capture Card Requirements:
Analog Video Capture: Any analog capture card or TV Tuner card that supports WDM drivers
Digital Video Capture: Any OHCI-compliant IEEE-1394 (also known as Firewire or iLink)
· Other Requirements: DirectX 9.0 or higher, Windows Media Player 9 or higher, Apple QuickTime 6.0 or higher

· 30 days trial

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