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ALO CD & DVD Burner is a compact, fast, affordable, easy-to-use application for burning, managing and erasing major types of CD and DVD. Create and burn Audio CDs, disc images, MP3 and Data CD, DVD, Blu-Ray, HD DVD discs. burn Video DVDs. Burn ISO Files. Convert digital audio from CDs into MP3, WMA, OGG, AMR, AAC, AC3 or WAV files.

Supports multisession, simultaneous burning, verification of data, unicode file names, bootable discs and disc images, on-the-fly burning, multilanguage, Disc-at-once/Track-at-once modes, UDF/ISO9660/Joliet file systems, file and volume dates.

Feature Overview:

# Writes to ALL CD/DVD media types including Blu-Ray (BD-R/BD-RE).

# Supports all current hardware interfaces (IDE/SCSI/USB/1394/SATA).

# Writes Multi-Session or Disc-at-Once mode to ALL supported media formats.

# Supports UDF/ISO9660/Joliet Bridged file systems (any combination).

# Supports UNICODE for multi-byte languages.

# On-the-fly writing for all image types (no staging to hard drive first).

# Creates Bootable data discs or images.

# Auto-verification of data images.

# Writes DVD-Video images.

# Writes Audio CDs from .wav, .mp3, or .wma files in Disc-at-Once or Track-at-Once mode.

# Supports simultaneous (parallel) image writing.

# Automatic selection of write modes for Disc-at-Once operations (no special device knowledge required).


Hardware Interfaces –



* USB 1.0/ USB 2.0

* 1394 Firewire


Media Types –

* BD-R / BD-RE (Blu-Ray)

* DVD+R Dual Layer

* DVD-R Dual Layer





Device Management –

* Detects all device features and capabilities.

* Supports buffer protection technologies (BurnProof, JustLink, etc).

* Advanced Speed detection.

* Advanced media information.

* Detects both logical and physical disc space (Free, Used and Capacity).

* Advanced File System detection anywhere on the disc.

* Media control methods (Eject, Lock, etc).

* Supports Layer-Jump recording mode for DVD-R DL.

* Automatic selection of write modes for Disc-at-Once operations.

* Erase functionality.

Audio Images –

* Writes Audio CDs from .wav, .mp3, or .wma files.

* Supports Track-at-Once, and all Disc-at-Once modes (SAO / DAO96RW / DAO96PW / DAO16).

* Decodes and writes compressed audio formats on-the fly (no staging to hard drive is required).

* Easy audio track manipulation.

* Supports caching of network audio files to local machine.

Data Images –

* Writes Multi-Session or Disc-at-Once to ALL supported media formats including Blu-Ray (BD-R and BD-RE).

* Creates UDF, ISO9660, ISO9660/Joliet Bridge, UDF/ISO9660 Bridge, or UDF/ISO9660/Joliet Bridge file systems.

* Creates disc images on-the fly (no staging to hard drive is required).

* Easy file/folder manipulation (Remove, add, replace items).

* Import existing data from any supported file system on from any session and append or edit.

* Creates ISO image files.

* Supports caching of network files to local machine.

* Supports UNICODE file and folder names for multi-byte languages.

* Creates Alias files.

* Creates Bootable data discs or images.

* Set almost any property for a file system volume.

* Supports use of split file extents by some formats (DVD-R DL Layer-Jump recording).

* Advanced event notification to handle all aspects of write status.

* Simultaneous burning of multiple images.

* Auto-verification of data files.

DVD-Video –

* Writes DVD-Video discs from any valid Video layout.

* Auto-validation of VIDEO_TS folders.

* Auto-verification of video files.

* Writes DVD-Video discs in Disc-at-Once mode.

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