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DVD2SVCD is a completely automated frontend for converting DVD, PVA and AVI files to SVCD. Completely automated means that all you have to do is just select the file or dvd you want converted and hit GO, everything else is taken care of by the frontend.

You will find this software to be the single most advanced software to Encode your DVD, DVB, VOB, MPEG or AVI into DVD, SVCD or VCD. All done with a couple of clicks with the mouse. Perfect for both the beginner and advanced user. Welcome to the digital world!

All of you who have used CCE previously or created an SVCD with another tool than FlaskMpeg and the bbMPEG plugin know that SVCD creation isn’t exactly fun as it requires many different tools and many steps.

To cut a long story short: All your cries for help have been heard and DVD2SVCD is the program for you if you simply like to enter the number of CDs, which audio and subtitle streams you want, then enter the DVD in the drive, press a button and when you come back a few hours later you have the CD images ready to be burned.

Lately support for PVA (digital broadcast) and AVI input has been added, along with TMPG support.

DVD2SVCD combines many programs together: vStrip to rip the DVD (best ripper around), DVD2AVI to create a DVD2AVI project, Mpeg2dec and Avisynth for the fastest frameserving from DVD2AVI to CCE, BeSweet for high quality audio processing, video encoding in CCE, TMPG or Procoder, then applying pulldown flag in case of an NTSC video, multiplexing video and audio using bbMPEG and finally creating SVCD images for burning using VCDImager.

Furthermore DVD2SVCD supports multiple audio streams and selectable subtitles (the latter only works on standalone players).

DVD2SVCD comes as a complete package that contains all the free softwares required. You only have to add CCE SP or TMPG.

· PIII or Athlon
· 128 MB ram barely functions. 256 MB ram is enough. 384 MB is better if you want to use your computer while DVD2SVCD works
· Be aware CCE 2.5 is very particular on what processors it supports. Go to the Cinema Craft Website for more information.

· converts 50% of the movie

Download DVD2SVCD for Windows

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