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DVD-lab is the answer to all your advanced DVD authoring needs. Too many DVD authoring packages on the market are restrictive, forcing the user to use pre-set DVD templates which might not suit a variety of situations. Ease of use and a wide array of options is the hallmark of DVD-lab, placing it above and beyond the competition.

You can have 99 titles on your DVD. The software support elementary mpeg streams (or it can demultiplex program stream) 4:3 or 16:9 aspects, NTSC and PAL. As input you can use elementary mpv, mpeg, VOB or Panasonic VRO. With PRO version you can have both aspect ratios on one DVD thanks to Multiple VTS.

MPEG, AC-3, DTS, WAV, AIFF is supported. From stereo to 6 channel Dolby Digital, you can use it all. PRO version can have up to 8 audio channels in each movie.

An integrated menu designer with multiple Undo/Redo is already build-in. You can drop backgrounds, buttons, frames, add text and do also other tricks which only professional tools offer – you have P, E1 and E2 subpicture groups, you can change color and transparency of menu subpicture elements for each menu separately add auto-action etc. It will allow you to create lot of different menu types.

A slideshow feature with background audio is available since version 1.3.

Menu transitions
Something no one else gives you. DVD-lab is the first authoring tool to give you a full Menu transitions. Move, Slide Pan, Zoom from one menu to another in seamless fashion. Or use cool effects such as Random Burning, Page Curl or one of the many other filters. You have to see it to believe it!

Menu Effects
All video stills dragged to menu will be auto-deinterlaced and become smooth without jagged edges. You can of course also sharpen or blur objects. But the most fun you will have with the unique Gen-EFX tool. Thousands of effects are at your fingertips – these are effects ranging from basic adjustment to complex effects suitable for creating backgrounds. The more you try the Gen-EFX, the more interesting it becomes. See some example.

Doing a complex project with many menus and videos? No problem, the connection window will help you to organize the DVD flow. Connect Movies together as you like, set timeout for menus, see the whole design right in front of you.

Strictly multi-tasking
Fast, easy and light. Long process such as DVD compile or demuxing is done on background and you can do other things while it is done. Yes, you can compile a DVD project and in meantime start working on another.

Advanced Exception Handling
All sensitive operations runs as separate process from the main application. Even if something terrible happens your design is safe.

You no longer need to go with every image to Photoshop to set NTSC safe colors. There is actually no point doing that, DVD-lab NTSC safe colors produces probably the most accurate output by simulating (and also showing you!) the Video Signal Voltage.

Easy on Restrictions
Many DVD players today are able to play DVD’s which are not exactly up to DVD specs. DVD-lab is easy on restrictions. In a questionable cases it will just issue a warning but let you to continue. That means if your DVD player can handle it, you can create DVD with SVCD movies on it (about 6 SVCD discs on one DVD) or directly use SATV mpeg-2 files (544×480/576).

Wizards for the lazy of us
These things will help you to make the project faster, but they are not holding your hands:

Auto-Chapters: You can add chapters manually and it is really easy and fast, but you can also use Auto-Chapters wizard to add chapters to your movie using Cut Scene Detection. (That is it will add chapter-point on the cut scene, not in the middle of scene)

Scene Selection Menus: This wizard can make the scene selection menus from chapter points automatically. You can also create your own template – almost anything can be done.

Menu Template: You can create your own menu template and then use it over and over again.

Download DVD-lab for Windows 98/NT/2000/XP

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