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AltoMP3 Gold is an excellent CD ripper software for Windows. If you want to make your own MP3 from audio CD , this is exactly what you are looking for. Only with a few mouse clicks, AltoMP3 Gold can convert your audio CD collections to smaller size MP3 files, so you can listen your music with your MP3 player, mobile phone, iPod etc.

AltoMP3 Gold can convert various audio and video media files to MP3, WAV format. Such media files include: *.wma,*.w4a,*.mp2,*.mp4,*.asf audio files, *.avi,*.asf,*.wmv,*.mov video files and divx,XviD movies etc. With full CD audio playback control function, AltoMP3 Gold can work as a freedb-aware CD player.

Key Features:

AltoMP3 Gold is an easy to use CD Ripper software that grabs digital audio from cd’s and encode into MP3 format. With AltoMP3 Gold CD Ripper, you can make your own MP3 files from audio cd easily. You will only need a few clicks to convert your cd collections to MP3 format. AltoMP3 Gold CD Ripper software is rather simple to use; you usually just put a CD into your drive, select the tracks you want to record, and press a ‘Extract’ button.AltoMP3 Gold supports FreeDB , an Internet compact disc database, you can download the cd information from internet before ripping the cd tracks. You can name your mp3 files in various ways with its great naming options.

AltoMP3 Gold is a CD Ripper that offers a simple, clean interface that rips CD to MP3, WAV, and OGG format. OGG support is a pleasant surprise for those who are into this open source format as it usually doesn’t make its way into CD ripper software.They make “perfect copies” of the original MP3, however, please note that clicks and pops are inevitable if you are running multiple memory sucking apps.From my testing, this CD ripper software is very robust! The CD Ripping speed is fairly fast, but remember that the speed depends on how fast your CDROM can read the data.This fast CD Ripper is well worth your time if you’re looking for an easy to use CD ripper/extractor, especially if you’re into the OGG Vorbis format.

Download AltoMP3 Gold for Windows 98/2000/XP/Vista

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