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ViRobot Desktop is the new total security product that is developed to protect personal user from virus, worm, malicious program, spam mail, spyware and etc, which spread rapidly by internet and E-mail and make big damage.

Because each security function (Anti-Virus, Network Security, Folder Protection, E-mail Protector, Anti-Spyware and etc) is installed in this one product, it is the best total security product for personal PC that management and using is very convenient.

Security Policy wizard of Viruswall
Viruswall function, which the policy setting of folder protection for shared folder, process, virus and network is possible, makes user to set and change security policy easily. And there are the setting function of detail policy and log function, so it supports convenient network security management.

Intercept Worm and Spam-Mail by E-mail Filtering
ViRobot Desktop does real-time monitor for Email which is the main path of virus, and scans packet of E-mail, so supports strong filter function to block Email included worm, spam mail, malicious script and etc.

Self-Protect of Security Program and Limitation of Configuration
ViRobot Desktop is guaranteed to execute normally even if there is attack from virus or malicious code which interrupts the normal operation of security software as like computer virus vaccine.
And because ViRobot Desktop  has Folder protection function in itself, the best performance and stability are supported to safely use PC all the time.

Real-Time Monitoring
ViRobot Desktop supports real-time monitoring function of file, E-mail, and internet access for strong security. As like this Real-time monitoring supports more perfect security environment.

Protecting function of Internet Messenger program
Through protect internet messenger program as like MSN Messenger, which is used in the world, user can block virus, malicious code, malicious program and etc which are expanded by messenger program and decrease damage.

Supply Security status information by Security Center
ViRobot Desktop supports real-time monitoring for each function and because ViRobot engine status is displayed, user can check engine version and set update.

Quarantine for backup of file or E-mail
There are quarantine, spam mail draw and back-up draw which can be stored virus file, virus mail, spam mail and etc. User can recover the file, mail and etc that are mis-detected.

Log & report of PC operation error
ViRobot Desktop records log about every kinds of attack, dangerous items and operation error. Moreover, it analyzes the data by various conditions and options and supports report, which is various kinds form, to user.


Download ViRobot Desktop for Windows NT, 2000, XP and Vista

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