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BassBang is a drum machine with bass chord progressions. You can make drum-and-bass grooves, apply a chord progression to it and make a song, which consists of several parts, or chord progressions. This song can be used as a base line for guitar or piano practice, or just an excercise for bass or drum players.

Also, you can and a few 3D picture ‘themes’ which you can color. The shapes will be moving along with the trythm. So, this is a kind of drum machine with bass grooves and some visual effects.

Here are some key features of BassBang:
· Easily create Drum-and-Bass grooves in any style for your guitar practice.
· Make a song using the grooves and apply chord progressions to them. Record yourself playing guitar over the songs.
· Drum machine: just click on notes in a grid to make grooves.
· Bass lines: draw your bass lines on a grid with notes marked with chord steps (3rd, 5th, 7th, etc)
· Drum and bass lines are visually aligned for easy sincronization.
· Save your work in WAV or MIDI format. You can use MIDI files for exporting your songs and grooves to other programs.
· Add some color to your music: choose some color combinations and apply them to abstract pictures which will move along with your grooves.

· Recording is disabled
· You can make grooves only one measure (bar) long
· Time signature is limited to 4/4 only
· Song parts can have up to 4 chords
· Song can have only up to 2 parts

Download BassBang for Windows

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