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Raduga is a music automation software programme, ideal for radio stations, clubs, pubs, shops etc. It’s extremely easy to use with a straightforward uncomplicated screen display. The display has a carefully thought out colour scheme which is not fatiguing, even after many hours.

Existing users of the Raduga automation programme, aged between 16 and 60+ are delighted at how quickly they can build up a music schedule including jingles, timed events etc. for future broadcasting. Even people who have never before touched a computer quickly understand how to use the Raduga software and are able to create their own shows.

The Raduga automation software offers many features. These include a large system display, cross fade, scheduled events, live feeds, a sub screen Explorer, in fact Raduga has it all. Raduga automation software has been compared by a local radio station in London, England, with an automation system costing 15 times more and was found to have a better user interface and nearly as many facilities.

Here are some key features of Raduga:
· General:
· 32-bit application
· Long file names supported
· Multiple language support including English, German, Spanish, Dutch, Russian, Turkish and Brazilian Portuguese

· Radio functions:
· Overlapping sound with configurable overlap time
· Individual overlap
· Auto-fade with configurable overlap time
· Logging of all started files
· Scheduled events on a per-day, per-hour, per minute, per second basis
· Automatic silence detection and correction
· Instant access to up to 9 jingles
· Mini-Playlists (a Playlist within a Playlist) for organizing ads and news items
· Rotations (play one at a time out of a set of sound files)
· Random tracks (play one randomly selected sound file from a directory)
· Live Satellite capabilities. Schedule live events to fire at a specific time
· 6 different player modes

· Scheduler functions:
· Schedule playlists to open at a specific time
· Schedule Raduga to start or stop at specific times
· Schedule a change of the current jingle set
· Schedule another set of scheduled events
· Schedule a jingle or voice track at a specified time

· Player functions:
· DirectX Plug-in support
· Play, stop, pause/continue
· Fast forward/rewind
· Random seek (position bar)
· Next/previous track
· Manual mode for live assist operation
· Intro scan mode (configurable)
· Random play
· Repeat mode
· Auto-shuffle repeat mode
· Auto-fading on stop and on overlap

· Playlist functions:
· Unlimited number of tracks
· Create, open, save, schedule playlist files
· Send current playlist via e-mail
· Cut, copy, paste, remove, remove all tracks
· Add tracks with open-file-dialog
· Add tracks with drag and drop
· Add pause (right click and choose rename to adjust variable length)
· Add all tracks of the current audio CD
· Shuffle the playlist
· Move tracks with tool buttons
· Move tracks with keyboard (‘U’-up, ‘D’-down)
· Move tracks with the mouse (drag and drop)
· Undo/redo up to 10 actions
· Track numbers
· Search for playlist items
· Total length of playlist
· Display file name or full path

· User interface:
· One-key shortcuts
· Toolbars with balloon help and status line texts
· Status line with indicator for play time
· Big indicators for previous, current playing and next track
· Scrollable playlist view icons for different media types
· Windows Explorer built in
· Event warning system for scheduled upcoming events
· System digital clock with seconds (12/24 hour formats by double-clicking clock)

· Audio CD support:
· Open/close CD drive door
· Integrated database (compatible with Windows CD-Player)
· Automatic update of the playlist if CD changes

· Miscellaneous:
· Mixer button
· Rename media files
· System information (installed device drivers and supported file types)
· Ignore-all-errors mode
· User defined tools menu (for instant access to program files or folders)

· Supported file types:
· AVI – Video for Windows
· CDA – Audio CD Track
· MID, RMI – Standard MIDI File
· MP2, MP3 – MPEG Audio – Layer 2, 3
· MPG – MPEG Video
· WAV – Windows Sound File
· WMA – Windows Media Audo

· Pentium II class processor with 400 MHz or better
· Microsoft Windows compatible sound card
· 128 MBytes RAM
· DirectX 8 or higher

· The demo version does not save any personal preferences when you shut down the program.

Download Raduga for Windows

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