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CD Burner is an application that will help you burn audio files of mp3 and other formats directly to CD. AV MP3 Player – Morpher is all-in-one audio morphing studio for digital music and movie editing. AV MP3 Player – Morpher features most popular audio formats and CD player, ripper, converter, burner, recorder, and cover creator.

Morpher and Advanced Morpher are the most important tools to change voice of hot songs, add beats, bongo and drum loops, adjust the tempo or morph music with various special effects by 5 main and hot morphing equipments: Voice Morpher, Beat Tracking,

Cher Modulation, Frequency Morpher and Tempo Morpher. Player and Recorder settings not only act as an audio player like Windows Media Player, RealOne Player, etc…, but also enable you to enjoy music in a new style.

Player and Recorder allow you to listen to music as an audio player like Windows Media Player, Winamp, Jet-Audio… In particular, Recorder is used to record your original voice input from micro and save it as any kind of music formats like wav, mp3, wma, aif, ogg, etc.

Then records can be morphed to another style with Morpher or Advanced Morpher. This function is useful in making a Karaoke album. Besides, Built-in visualization module supports visualization plug-ins of such programs as MS Media Player and WinAmp to help you relax when listening to music. CD Grabber can rip or grab audio files from a CD and saves them on your hard disk in multiple formats.

Here are some key features of AV MP3 Player – Morpher:
· Plays MP3 files and most popular audio formats such as WMA, WAV, RA, VOC, APE, CDA, AIF files and more, with visualization choices.
· With the advanced Voice Morpher, Beat Tracking, Cher Modulation, Tempo Morpher, Frequency Morpher and the overflowing Library of Effects, similarly to morphing an image, now you can really morph a MP3 or any audio file from one to another.
· Instantly alters the solo singing voices of the MP3 songs, CD tracks or of the voice files into new voices.
· Adds various single sounds (drum, bongo, clap, heart beat, scream etc…) to the music, editing your own drum loops.
· Changes tempo of songs without altering the music’s pitch.
· Makes that “hollow” voice as in the song “Believe”.
· Morphs audio by 2-way chart by changing the sound frequency spectrum.
· Applies effects to your mp3 music or to any sound, audio file and the result can be heard instantly.
· Lets you instantly layer and mix the single presets making your own varieties of real time effects.
· Along with the effects, you can add texture to the sound coming out using the advanced 10-band Graphic Equalizer that includes 16 equalization presets for morphed singing voices and for music.
· Records sounds from microphone or audio streams, which can be saved in various file formats such as WAV, MP3, WMA, AIF, OGG, etc.
· Rips audio files from CDs and saves them on hard disk in MP3, WMA or in the formats of your preference.
· Easily and quickly converts MP3 to WAV, WMA to MP3, WAV to MP3, MP2, APE, AIF, AU, OGG.
· Compatible with Karaoke Players – you can sing and record your favorite songs, morph and apply the effects and save your work in mp3 format.
· Burns mp3 files and other format files directly to the CD.
· Allows you to easily design your own CD labels.

· 300 MHz Pentium CPU or better
· 64 MB RAM
· 50 MB hard drive space
· SVGA or higher resolution monitor (minimum resolution of 800×600)
· 4x CD-ROM drive
· SoundBlaster compatible sound card
· Speakers or headphones
· CD recorder (optional)
· Printer for printing CD covers and labels (optional)
· Internet Explorer 4.0 or higher
· Net Framework 2.0 for Funny Space

Download AV MP3 Player – Morpher for Windows

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