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If you’re serious about making your own music, ACID Music Studio software is the perfect tool for original song creation, live recording, and studio-quality mixing and effects processing. Share your songs any way you want – burn your own CDs, upload to the Web, or export to your MP3 player. With built-in tutorials to guide you, you’ll be composing, mixing, and mastering like a pro in no time.

ACID Music Studio software includes more than 1,700 studio-quality loops in almost every music genre to get you started. Just Pick some loops, Paint them into the tracks, and click Play.

With ACID Music Studio software you can: record and edit music from nearly any instrument or MIDI source, create royalty-free soundtracks for videos and make custom mixes and mashups of your favorite songs

ACID Music Studio software can capture from any instrument or MIDI source that can be plugged into your computer’s sound card. You can also extract audio from your own CDs and add MP3 files to your mix. Automatic key and tempo matching syncs it all up so everything plays back together and sounds great.

Professional mixing tools give you precise control over volume and panning, effects processing, audio routing, and final output. Customize your songs using professional-quality audio effects including EQ, reverb, delay, chorus, flange, phase, distortion, echo, and more. Use VST and DirectX audio effects, and VST instruments. Add pan and volume envelopes, reverse audio, and change the pitch and tempo of your mix in real time.

Create your own CDs in minutes. Disc-at-once CD layout and burning is fully integrated into the software so you can conveniently create your music and produce professional-sounding CDs all within one application. Powerful encoding functionality lets you save your songs to popular streaming formats for uploading to the Web, or export them to portable music devices.

Here are some key features of ACID Music Studio:
· Includes over 3,000 ACIDized music loops
· Multicore processor support
· Intuitive pick, paint, and play interface
· Unlimited tracks for audio and MIDI
· Video scoring track
· Automatic pitch and tempo matching
· Alternate time signature support
· Real-time loop preview
· Support for multiple file formats in the same project
· Mixing and Editing
· Multitrack audio and MIDI recording
· Multiple events per track with automatic crossfades
· Studio-quality effects including EQ, reverb, delay, and more
· Chopper editing tool and loop cloning
· Beatmapper remix tool
· Track-level volume, panning, and effects editing
· Master bus track for project-wide volume and pan fades
· Real-time audio effects preview during playback
· Event reverse
· CD audio extraction
· Metronome
· Includes over 1,000 MIDI files for song creation
· Includes 90 DLS instruments and 25 DLS-based projects
· MIDI editing and sequencing
· Inline MIDI editing with drum grid
· MIDI step recording
· MIDI track envelopes and keyframes
· MIDI import and export
· MIDI input filters for tracks
· Audio Control
· 16-bit, 48kHz audio support
· DirectX audio plug-in support
· Tempo-based DirectX effects
· VST instrument support
· VST audio effect support
· ASIO driver support
· Export and Sharing
· ATRAC editing and encoding
· Gracenote MusicID CD album recognition
· Integrated disc-at-once (DAO) CD burning
· Unlimited MP3 export
· Export to Sony Net MD players
· One-click publishing to

· MHz processor (1 GHz if using video) (800 MHz recommended)
· 200 MB hard-disk space for program installation
· 256 MB RAM
· Windows-compatible sound card
· CD-ROM drive (for installation from a CD only)
· Supported CD-Recordable drive (for CD burning only)
· Microsoft DirectX 9.0c or later
· Internet Explorer 5.1 or later

· 30 days trial
· nag screen on exit

Download ACID Music Studio for Windows

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