BPM Studio Pro

Demo – Alcatech – Windows

BPM Studio Professional is one of the most innovative product of its kind in hardware controllers. BPM Studio Pro has all features you ever need to exhaust your creative potential as a DJ.

Advantages of BPM Studio compared with conventional Dual-CD-Players:
· No more CDs needed, thousands of titles are at your disposal for immediate play
· Efficient search of title, artist, year, genre, or BPM range
· Comfortable, freely editable title archive
· Realtime BPM Counter, master tempo, pitch and pitch bend make beat-matching a breeze
· Realtime Loop Sampler and Sample Player
· Streaming Module enabling operation as an Internet Radio Frontend Software

Here are some key features of BPM-Studio Pro:
· Separate Playlists
· Loop Sampler
· BPM File Archiv
· BPM Playlist Archiv
· Waitlist
· Sample Player
· Sample Editor
· BPM Counter manual
· BPM Counter realtime
· File Editor
· Cross Fader
· Manual Fader
· Mixer
· MP3 Stream Module
· File Info Box
· CD Player
· Recorder
· User Administration
· Automatic Gain Control (AGC)
· BPM Print Designer
· CD Writer
· History Function
· Direct Cue (6x)
· ALCATech RC support

· This demo will terminate after 45 minutes and all save features are disabled
· Nag screen

Download BPM Studio Pro for Windows

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