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MixVibes will emulate a digital DJ booth in a totally safe and stable environment ensuring a professional DJ performance. The DVS (Digital Vinyl System) Technology is based on the use of time-coded vinyl and CD, allowing media control through turntables and CD players.

Perfect and easy beat matching of your music files: mp3, ogg, wav, flac. Video mixing & Vjing. Integrated 16 patterns sampler–resampling, looping, seamless loops function. Sound processing and effects: flanger, delay, filters, echo, pan. Compatibility with VST or Direct X effects.

Here are some key features of MixVibes:
· DVS technology up to 4 turntables and/or CD players to control your media files, for example, with an 8in / 8out sound card you can use 4 external devices at the same time! (ie: 2 vinyl turntables and 2 cd players). Useful for battle scratch DJs!
· Real Scratch control (by vinyl, cd, mouse…)
· Video Scratching up to 3 monitors at the same time
· MixVibes sixth generation professional audio engine
· Incredible high sound quality (genine vinyl sound)
· Extreme low latency time (up to 1ms en ASIO)
· Modern sound cards management (Multi channel sound cards, ASIO, FireWire)
· Master Tempo (+-100%!) / Pitch shifting (+- 24%!) / Speed (+-100%)
· Up to 16 virtual players
· Sampler and sequencer integrated managing up to 32 samples that you can play when you want
· Real Time effects: 6 real time effects per channel like flanger, reverb, bypass, DirectX and VST plugins…
· Scripts / macros supported (sequenced effects is a real revolution that allows you to continuously create new beats, and with more effects)
· Auto BPM counting, auto Beat Matching, automix playlists
· Resizable Wave form display
· Seamless loops
· Skins
· Cue (10/titles), auto cue, on-fly cueing
· Per player: EQ 3 bands, Kills 54dB, Gain, monitor
· EQ 10 bands
· Compressor, limiter

· PENTIUM III 1 Ghz minimum
· 256Mo RAM minimum
· Output: 1 Soundcard with stereo, quad, 5.1, 7.1 outputs

· 30 days trial
· 1 audio output only
· no playlist import/export
· 60 minutes limited
· 1 turntable only
· mediabase saving disabled
· nag screen

Download MixVibes for Windows

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