MP3 Splitter

Freeware – codevisions – Windows

MP3 Splitter allows you to split MP3-files either by size or by time. Even very big files can be split. If you wish, it create a batch file to join the splitted files later. This feature is useful if you want to split your files for transport (e-mail, floppy) and your medium has a size restriction.

Furthermore, MP3 Splitter allows you to cut selections out of MP3-files by giving starting and ending time. If you want, MP3 Splitter appears in the shell context menu of MP3-files, so that you can access the tool very quickly. Please note that the program does not allow splitting VBR-files.

MP3 Splitter features:
· splits MP3-files by custom size or length
· can split even very big files
· possibility of creating “glue”-batchfile
· can create selections out of MP3-files
· MPEG-Frame preservation
· MP3-Tag preservation
· “QuickSplitter” shell extension
· very easy installation

Download MP3 Splitter for Windows

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