Karaoke Builder Studio

Shareware – Karaoke – Windows

Karaoke Builder is designed to let you work with the Karaoke CD+G format. With it you can add professional-quality images and special effects to any track. Tracks created with Karaoke Builder can be put on a disc and will play just like the CD+G discs already in your collection.

Put together a series of images and build your own customised sequence of pictures. Or add images to the start, end or middle of an existing Karaoke CD+G track – great for the Karaoke professional wanting to add something special to the show, or for a home user wanting to spice up the party mood! Add an audio track and use it to introduce your show or liven up things between singers… the possibilities are enormous.

The four main sections of Karaoke Builder allow you to create CD+G files:

The Slides window will turn your images into CD+G format, with customised special effects. You can build up a series of slides, each of which can appear on top of the other to replace what’s underneath. A CD+G slide show could be anything: photos from previous shows, a sequence advertising your Karaoke services, or a countdown to the start of the show. With Karaoke Builder you can even create lively animations on a CD+G screen, which is almost unheard of in the Karaoke world! We use Karaoke Builder to create our Karaoke Quiz Discs, so the possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

In the Sequence area you can combine images, audio and existing Karaoke tracks to create a new, completely original, CD+G Karaoke track. Then work with the Tracks window to change colours, synchronise images, and customise your existing CD+G collection.

The Tracks window is a colour palette editor and CD+G track analysis tool. Extract the colour palette from any CD+G file, then change the background, text and swipe colours. Find gaps in your tracks to accurately position new images. Re-combine everything again using the Sequence window to completely change the look of any track, even those from professional CD+G discs.

Quickly convert, create and extract CD+G graphics and audio files with Karaoke Builder’s Tools window. Plus a special CDG compatibility tool makes it easy to work with other CD+G authoring software – one click makes all your files compatible, another click lets you use them in Karaoke Builder again.

With Karaoke Builder you can completely customise your collection of CD+G Karaoke music, create your own tracks with spectacular images, and give some extra dazzle to your Karaoke shows!

Download Karaoke Builder Studio for Windows

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