MEDA MP3 Splitter Gold

Shareware – MedaFan – Windows

MEDA MP3 Splitter is a powerful tool. the tool that easily breaks MP3 files into smaller pieces of your choosing. A MP3 player is build-in. You can listen to the file, using the included playback capability and then split it by time and section as needed.

At the same time, it also has a verry friendly interface which makes it erasier for you to view and edit mp3s. It’s the best product for split your mp3 files on Microsoft Windows System , you can play and drag from somewhere of the opened mp3 files and set the cut pointer.

Features of MEDA MP3 Splitter:
· Beautify workspace with wave-graphics
You can view the wave-graphic after you load a mp3 file, you can find the position for your break point event don’t need to listen to it.

· Very easy to use
Meda MP3 Splitter is very easy to use, double-click on wave-graphic pane, you will get a break point on your mouse position. And drag the break point, you can move it to any where you want. Click ‘S’ speed button on top of the break point, you can save the small pieces start with the break point to your storage device. To remove the break point, you just need to click ‘R’ speed button.

· Playing with single piece
You can click ‘P’ speed button on the top of the break point to play mp3 audio from current break point to next. You can listen your separated pieces without saving them.

· No quality loss
Meda MP3 Splitter separates your mp3 file without decoding/encoding, it is very fast to saves separated pieces without quality loss.

· Split with overlap
Meda MP3 Splitter supports forward and backward overlap for separated pieces. You also can set the overlap time. It is very useful to let you find the sequence of your separated pieces.

· Supports ID3 tag
Meda MP3 Splitter will read id3 tag information from source mp3 file and you can use this information to build id3 tag for your small mp3 files.

· Save break points
You can save break points to a file and load it on next time you opened the mp3 file. This function allows you continue your un-finished works.

· Add break point with silence detection
Meda MP3 Splitter can add break points automatically with silence detection. You can set the silence range and splitter will scan the wave to add break point.

· Separates to average size
You can easy to add break points to separates your mp3 file into average size

· Separates with same length
Meda MP3 Splitter can separates mp3 file into same length, you can set the length before you choose to add break points.

· Convert to WAV format
You can easy to save current opened mp3 file to wav format.

· Pentium 200MHz
· 64MB RAM

· 20 days trial

Download MEDA MP3 Splitter Gold for Windows

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