Vcard Studio Express

Freeware – Cllstsoft – Windows

Vcard Studio Express lets you create, edit and view vcard files for Nokia phones. You can create business card (vcard) for your nokia mobile phone by using Vcard Studio Express and also edit your business cards you’ve created before and display them. This program supports vcard 2.1 characteristics.

To add the business cards you’ve created into your mobile’s adress book, please follow the steps below:
· By using the File -> New menu in the Programs, create a new business card.
· Send the business card to your mobile via bluetooth, infrared or cable connection.
· In the messages menu on your mobile, choose the inbox and save the business card you’ve sent.
· When you finished these steps the business card you’ve created will be added to your mobile’s adress book.

Download Vcard Studio Express for Windows

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