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Noki is a utility to explore and extract Phone book, Text message, MMS, Calendar, Memo, Bookmark and other user files from the backup file of Nokia phone (using  Nokia PC Suite).

Use phone data the way you want
The Noki-extracted data can be saved in text, Excel .xls, .csv or Html files which are much accessible than the original binary format (.nfc, .nfb, .nbu, .cdb or .arc). Other files extracted (3gp, image, photo, mp3, mp4 etc) will remain their original format.

Export to a bunch of applications

The Noki-exported backup file can be easily imported into other applications (which include Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express, Mozilla Thunderbird, Microsoft Excel, OpenOffice Calc, Firefox, IE and Nokia PC Suite).

Support wide range of backup file formats
Supported formats are: .nbu, .nfb, .nfc, .cdb and .arc:
1. .nbu, .nfb and .nfc: backup file of PC Suite (v6.5 ~ v7.1).
2. contacts.cdb: Symbian Contacts Database for all Symbian phones (include Nokia, Siemens, Sony Ericsson etc.).
3. backup.arc: mass storage/SD card backup file.

From everyday phone data extracting to forensic investigations
Besides managing your backup file, Noki has been used by some leading forensic investigation companies. And we have happy customers. Manage the upgrade compatibility for Nokia PC Suite You can smothly upgrade your PC Suite to new versions without worrying about the compatibility issue. Noki takes care of the compatiblity of the different versions.

Download Noki for Windows

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