iPhone Activation Server

Freeware – Jon Lech Johansen – Windows

iPhone Activation Server to activate your iPhone for iPod+WiFi use. Note that this application will not do anything unless you understand the magic numbers as well as add the hosts entry.

Magic iTunes numbers:
Offset 2048912: 33C0C3
Offset 257074: 28
Offset 257013: 33C9B1
Add “ albert.apple.com” to c:windowssystem32driversetchosts

· .NET Framework 2.0

Install notes:
1) Download UltraEdit-32, install it.
2) Download iPhone Activation Server, extract it to desktop or anywhere you want.
3) You might wanna backup the original iTunes.exe(located under C:Program FilesiTunes) first.
4) Run UltraEdit-32, open file iTunes.exe, use Ctrl+G to go to address 2048912, then enter 33C0C3. Do the same for the rest two offsets: Go to address 257074 then enter 28 and go to 257013 then enter 33C9B1. Save the file and close UltraEdit-32.
5) Open Windows explorer and go to c:windowssystem32driversetc. Open the “hosts” file in ULTRAEDIT and add the line albert.apple.comto it. This will redirect any DNS query of “albert.apple.com” to your local host. Save & exit.
6) All you need to do is to run Phone Activation Server V1.0 first, leave it running and then run iTunes. Now when you plug in your iphone it will activate automatically in about 60 seconds.

Download iPhone Activation Server for Windows

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