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iPod2PC enables you to copy MP3-songs from your lovely iPod back to a PC’s harddisk. Transfer easily your music library to another PC to play them there or make a backup of your songs! Copy songs from any iPod to any PC’s hard disk with iPod2PC.

Even if you use your iPod as a “transfer medium” and copy songs without iTunes to your iPod, or if your iTunes DB-file became corrupt or unreadable – iPod2PC shows them to you because all information are read from the ID3-tags in a MP3-song.

You can sort the list of shown songs ascending/descending by songname, artist, album, tracknumber, year and other properties. Search in songname, artist, album, filename, genre and comments for anything you want.

Browse trough a genre and/or artist and/or albums and they will be automatically shown in the list. Simply check the checkboxes from the songs you want to copy, you can easily check all songs from a specific artist, album, genre, year and other properties with only two mouseclicks!

Select once a default target folder, where you have your music library, and iPod2PC will copy the songs by default there. Additionally you can select to copy the songs to another folder you choose at runtime.

iPod2PC can create folders with the information from the ID3-tags in your default or choosen target folder, so that the songs on the harddisk are sorted in these folders. Also the filenames could be generated with the information from the ID3-tags by iPod2PC, you have totally control about this.

When iPod2PC has finished simply choose “Add Folder to Library” in iTunes and locate the folder where iPod2PC copied the songs – you’re ready to play ’em!

Here are some key features of iPod2PC:
· install iPod2PC on your iPod, no need to install on every PC
· autoselect & autoscan iPod at programstart
· check all songs after scanning automatically, ready for a full backup
· scans all ID3-versions (1.0, 1.1, 2.2.0, 2.3.0, 2.4.0)
· don’t overwrites existing songs
· skip files smaller then xx kB when scanning

· PC-formatted iPod used in Disk mode
· iTunes 5.0 or higher (when importing to iTunes)

· In unregistered Mode iPod2PC copies only around 50% of your checked songs.

Download iPod2PC for Windows

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