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CopyTrans was designed to be the ultimate backup & recovery tool for your iPod mp3 player. It enables you to easily transfer iPod songs to PC without losing ratings and playlists or other personal data. Whether you need to send in your iPod or iPod battery in repair, retrieve your music because of a computer or hard drive crash, or just to backup to a different drive, CopyTrans will effortlessly create an iPod copy.

Here are some key features of CopyTrans:

Full iPod backup:
· Recovering/Backup of your music with CopyTrans is so simple, it only takes one click!
Saves/Restores music playlists and personal information:
· All personal information saved! – CopyTrans saves playlists, ratings, playcounts, date last played, album covers,…
· XML file generation – keeps record of your personal information for future iTunes imports.
Import playlists and personal information back into iTunes:
· Have an empty iTunes music library? No Problem, CopyTrans will fill it up with your iPod music with one click! importing playlists and personal information.
· Import iPod video, movies, TV shows, audiobooks and podcast in the correct order into the respective iTunes categories.
Playlist order preserved:
· It took hours to organize your playlist songs in a specific order? No worries, CopyTrans will backup your songs to iTunes in the exact same order, no messing around!
Incremental iPod backup:
· Incremental iPod backup makes it easier to backup and is also faster – CopyTrans’s unique incremental iPod backup allows you to add the latest iPod changes to iTunes or a specific folder. This ensures that the backed up music (iPod copy) is always up-to-date and that already backed up songs are not copied again.
User friendly and customizable interface:
· Includes sorting display of Title, Album, Artist, Rating, Playlist, Size, Date added, Date modified, Play count, Last played song. You can even customize the dynamic view listing to use CopyTrans exactly the way you want it.
· Full compatibility with all existing iPods
· CopyTrans supports iPhone, iPod Touch, iPod nano, iPod Video, iPod photo, iPod mini, iPod shuffle, iPod photo and all other iPods to this date.
Personal support:
· CopyTrans’s team has built a strong reputation of outstanding support and if you do need it, you will notice the difference. We answer e-mails within 24 hours, 7 days a week, all year round!

· 14 days trial and a maximum of 100 songs backup per session

Download CopyTrans for Windows

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