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iPodSync attaches to Outlook using automation and analyzes your contact and calendar information. Contact information is exported using the industry standard vCard format and appointment information is exported using iCalendar format.

The exported contact and calendar information is transferred to the iPod where it can be interpreted and displayed. iPodSync can even sync Outlook notes and tasks. Because the 1st and 2nd generation iPod does not directly support notes or tasks, they are synced as a special type of contact. The 3rd generations iPods natively support notes and tasks. This should enable you to keep serial numbers, passwords, etc on your iPod.

iPodSync features:
· Transfer Outlook Contacts to your iPod
· Transfer Outlook Appointments to your iPod
· Transfer Outlook Tasks to your iPod
· Transfer Outlook Notes to your iPod
· Transfer Outlook eMail to your iPod
· Transfer weather forecasts to your iPod
· Transfer web news feeds to your iPod
· Transfer pictures and voice recording from your iPod to your PC

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