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Unlike some other tools, iPSP was built specifically for total PSP Multimedia Management from the ground up. For music and photos, iPSP works with apps you already know, iTunes and iPhoto. iPSP reads your Music or Photo Library. Select any Album or playist you want and with 1 click, iPSP goes to work converting and transferring your media.

iPSP will automatically copy your selections to your PSP converting and optimizing as needed on the fly. It requires no settings or interaction from you…it Just Works. Stop struggling with counter-intuitive “me-too” apps that either put you on training wheels or require a degree to get the job done…when you’re done gaming, start enjoying your PSP a little bit more with iPSP.

Video, unlike audio and photos can take a long time to proccess. With iPSP, you can put the video you’d like to view on your PSP into a conversion queue, specify all the options you’d like for each clip, and run them all. iPSP lets you know when they are ready to go!

iPSP can make PSP-ready .MP4 video clips from the following formats:
· MPEG files – .mpg extension
· Video for Windows files – .avi extension
· QuickTime Files – .mov extension
· Windows Media files – .wmv extension
· DVD Video Object files – .vob extension
· Digital Video files – .dv extension
· High Definition Video – .m2t extension

Here are some key features of iPSP:
· Automatic Game Save Backup, Game Save Management
· iTunes Playlist integration, supports Smart Playlists, aif,wav,m4a,mp3 and AppleLossless
· Easy conversion of photos
· Multiformat queue-based video converter
· Automated “no hands” operation
· Simple options
· Requires no drivers or extensions
· Extensive html-based help

Download iPSP for Windows and Mac OS

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