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PSPWare integrates your Sony PSP (PlayStation Portable) with your Windows PC, simply, effectively and non-intrusively! Sync your music, movies and photos and back up your game saves with ease using PSPWare. You specify what you want synced and PSPWare takes care of the rest automatically, day-to-day, syncing optimally as you would expect, without taking up your precious time!

PSPWare integrates with iTunes, simply check the playlists you want on your PSP. When you make changes to your music library, PSPWare will make the same changes on your PSP, as you would expect.PSPWare is a tool that allows you integrate your PSP with PC.

Using third party software such as iPodder together with PSPWare, you can listen to live-recorded audio streams on your PSP while you’re on your way to school, work, or anywhere!

Take a movie, add it to PSPWare’s movies section and PSPWare will automatically convert and optimize it for your PSP’s screen. You can swap movies with a single click, making it super practical!

PSPWare supports every common movie format (MOV, MPG, AVI, WMV, VOB) and you can easily prepare your DVD library for watching on your PSP’s gorgeous 16:9 wide aspect ratio screen!

PSPWare introduces Sync Profiles. Sync Profiles allow you to sync different content onto each of your Memory Sticks. That means you can have a movie stick (or three), a photo stick… well, you get the picture – easy as pie!

· Limited to 10 songs, 10 photos and 5 movies per sync

· A Sony PSP
· A PSP-compatible Memory Stick
· A USB sync cable
· iTunes for iTunes syncing

Download PSPWare for Windows

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