Baby ASP Web Server

Freeware – Adijio – Windows

Baby ASP Web Server was build as an alternative for Microsoft’s IIS. The main goal was to design a simple web server with support for ASP. Baby ASP Web Server is a tool that allows you configure directory for webpages.

Setting up Baby ASP Web Server is very easy: copy the executable to a directory of your choice, set the directory of your webpages and it’s ready to run!

Here are some key features of Baby ASP Web Server:
· Multi threaded.
· Real time server log.
· Log to file.
· Configure directory for webpages (same for all connections).
· Configure default HTML page.
· Support for GET, POST, and HEAD methods (form processing).
· Sends directory listing if default HTML is not found in directory.
· 95% ASP support (Request, Response, Server, QueryString and Form collections, Global.asa, Session and Application objects, etc).
· Cookie support (including ‘arrays’ and enumeration!).
· SSI (Server Side Includes) support.
· Statistics : total connections, successful and failed requests and more.
· Advanced server settings which can be used to optimize performance.
· Support for SSL (Secure Socket Layer).
· ASP Cache Manager to improve performance of ASP pages.
· ASP Script Debugging!
· Includes IScriptingContext interface for external ASP Components. For example DLLs generated with ASP2VB Converter.
· IP Filter to block/allow only specific IP addresses.

Download Baby ASP Web Server for Windows

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