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Forum Proxy Leecher – the way to get more than 30,000 fresh and unique proxies every day! Forum Proxy Leecher (FPL) can scan every topics in different types of proxy forums and automatically extract the proxies from them and even from the accessories. Forum Proxy Leecher is a useful proxy scanner and finder utility.

We all know that the proxy forums is the best place to gain fresh proxies. But it takes too much time to read all the new topics and download their accessories in the forums, which is a really boring work. Suppose that there are averagely 30 topics in one forum and you must visit 10 forums to gain enough fresh proxies, then you will have to spend about 50 minutes (10 seconds for each topic) every day.

Now with FPL you can import your favorite proxy forums into the FPL forum list or you can simply use the default one and just press the button “Start”, then you can do other things as you like. After about 10 minutes FPL will finish its work and you can press the button “Proxy” to view your fresh proxies.

If you often need a great amount of fresh proxies, you will probably need it. If you bought proxies from other people, you should try FPL, and perhaps you will eventually be a proxy list seller.

Here are some key features of Forum Proxy Leecher:
· Quickly get fresh proxies when you need
· Support different types of forums
· Support scanning attachments
· Support non-forum proxy sites
· FPL team maintains the leech list for you
· Powerful proxy tester especially for huge list
· Nice user interface and easy to use

· It doesn’t support scaning accessory.
· It can only scan 2 forums at one time.

Download Forum Proxy Leecher for Windows

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