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Foxy is a content filtering HTTP proxy. It can rewrite web pages on the fly using its internal filters and external user-written scripts. Foxy helps you to generate traffic reports, block access to certain resources or forward requests to multiple proxies depending on the requested URL.

Here are some key features of Foxy:
· Hides IP address and browser/OS information by spoofing sensitive HTTP request headers (X-Forwarded-For, User-Agent, Referer, or any other header).
· Allows to surf anonymously using public proxies. Any number of proxies can be used; different proxies may be used for different sites.
· Disables Google, Yahoo, and MSN click tracking mechanisms, speeds up your search, deletes commercial noise (like “sponsored links”) from your search results.
· Kills popups, banners, cookies, “web beacons”, blocks server-side spyware.
· Blocks access to porn or other inappropriate content using dictionaries (parental control). Content is analysed on the fly, so all known and yet unknown sources are blocked.
· Tracks users’ online activity and generates traffic reports

Download Foxy for Windows

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