Windows Ident Server

Freeware – rndware – Windows

Windows Ident Server is a software application that acts as a highly configurable IDENTD server.

The IDENT protocol is used primarily within FTP and IRC networks as an authentication method. Windows Ident Server provides a feature-rich IDENT. Windows Ident Server can handle IPv6 connections. Also, Windows Ident Server can be configured to be used as a Windows Service (1.0.3 only).

The current version has support for rndware’s psyBNC Server (“reply-from-file” – collect replies from a file). This function is used when IRC servers request an IDENT reply from a BNC user. The IDENT reply should change depending on the user connected through psyBNC, and this is where “reply-from-file” comes in handy

Here are some key features of Windows Ident Server:
· Random ident using variables
· Change OS, Username replies
· Small memory use
· Minimize to tray
· Hide on start
· Online on start

Download Windows Ident Server for Windows

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