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Freeware – Elias Konstadinidis – Windows

Join Me! is an IRC server written from scratch for the Windows 9x – NT operating systems. It is written in Delphi using the Object Pascal language.

Based on the 1459 RFC, and experimenting the mIRC client and Bahamut server messages and replies makes it possible to use it with many IRC client programs like mIRC. It’s very easy to use since it features a friendly GUI.

Join Me! is not intended for large internet networks due to miss of flood control and server to server communication. However, it is a convenient IRC server for local and small internet networks.

It provides most of the IRC commands supported by specification of RFC 1459 and it’s compatible with mIRC. Also supports a communication with external DLL plug-ins which act like BOTs on the IRC server.

However, DLL BOTs are deprecated and may not be supported in the long distant future. Use third party BOTs like EggDrop.

Server user is able to monitor online users and available channels. He can change nicks, kill users and monitor server traffic.

Join Me! keeps a list with all online users and channels. The size of this list is limited according to server settings. If server is powered enough with memory, processing power and fast TCP link you may use large numbers of users.

A new user is created every time a new user connects with server. This user dies only when disconnecting from server. For each user server keeps all required information like nickname, username, realname, time logged in, user modes, etc.

Each user is able to join to a channel. If channel does not exist it’s automatically created and the user becomes channel operator. All other users are no operators except if the operator offers this priviledge. For more information search for RFC 1459 on the internet.

Download Join Me for Windows

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