Cesar FTP

Freeware – Alexandre Cesari – Windows

CesarFTP is an easy-to-use and fast to configure FTP server. CesarFTP features virtual file system support. With only a few clicks, you will be able to configure your server to share specific files without moving and/or copying them to a new place.

CesarFTP also supports quotas and ratios, download speed limitation, limitation of the number of connects and many other miscellaneous things. You can as well configure file logs and screen logs. With events handling, you can configure an automatic processing of uploaded files. Now you can run the server as a system service and remote control it.

Here are some key features of Cesar FTP:
· Colored text within the log window.
· You can Kick users.
· You can Ban users.
· You can send messages to the users.
· Ability to prevent new connections occurring while keeping the previous ones active.
· A very understandable and complete set of options for accounts configuration is available. You can use groups of users and configure them in the same window.
· Support for transfer speed limitation.
· You can limit the number of connected users on an account basis or global basis.
· Support time-out.
· You can set Ban/Authorize access rules based on IP and/or hostname.
· Support for ratios and quotas, on a file/byte/per session/all sessions basis.
· Support for specific handling of events: you can make processing of uploaded files automated.
· For each event, you can: set a specific answer, play a sound, or execute a command line.
· Fields are provided to store specific information about users.
· Use a constant number of threads to improve performance when highly loaded.
· Very comprehensive browser to set up your FTP server! Selecting folders and files to share is a snap with CesarFTP. You can set up a powerful virtual file system, which allows you not to move files on your hard disk. The access rights system allows you to fine tune the way users can access your server.
· A statistic window where you can see specific information about current connections.
· It has a built-it NT Service support.
· Remote control of the server using the same interface is possible. Everything you can do on the computer where the server runs is possible on another computer.
· You can fine tune the way the server logs information about the connections.

· Window 95 users may need to add some updates to their systems in order to run this program: Winsock 2 & IE 4 or higher

Download Cesar FTP for Windows

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