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XMail is an intranet and Internet mail server.

This server born due to the need of having a free and stable Mail Server to be used inside my old company, which used a Windows Network. I don’t like to reinvent the wheel but the need of some special features drive me to start a new project. Probably if I could use a Linux server on my net, I would be able to satisfy my needs without write code, but this is not my case.

Here are some key features of XMail:
· SMTP server
· POP3 server
· finger server
· multiple domains
· no need for users to have a real system account
· SMTP relay checking
· RBL/RSS/ORBS/DUL and custom ( IP based and address based ) spam protection
· SMTP authentication ( PLAIN LOGIN CRAM-MD5 POP3-before-SMTP and custom )
· a POP3 account syncronizer with external POP3 accounts, account aliases
· domain aliases
· custom mail processing
· direct mail files delivery
· custom mail filters
· mailing lists
· remote administration
· custom mail exchangers
· logging
· multi-platform code.

Download XMail for Windows

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