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Web Optimization Easy is a new generation top 5 web site promotion program, an easy effective search engine optimization application with just 10 steps to optimize the most important ranking factors thus helping you to easy get a better position.

Easy to know, easy to update and easy to score your websites. Generate top 45 seo ranking factors about every keyword. Top 5 ranking websites and competitor analysis. Provide a recommended range and best value of every factor.

Very easy to update your web page, easy to evaluate the update result. Also show top 5 position websites and competitor’s page content . Only in one screen show all the web site search engine ranking parameters.

Here are some key features of Web Optimization Easy:
· Generate top 45 ranking factors about every keyword
· Top 10 search engine ranking and competitor analysis
· Provide recommended range and best value of every factor
· Very easy to change your website to get better ranking, directly update the content and score the update
· Show top 10 search engine ranking and competitor’s website content
· All the parameters above are show in one screen. Easy to know, easy to update and easy to score.
· Optimize website page to get top search engine ranking position.
· Show how any webpage can ranking high in Google, Yahoo and MSN.
· Show how top 10 ranking and competitor’s website optimize their webpages.
· Track the most optimization factors that search engines rank websites.
· Help you optimize forty-five website search engine ranking factors, nine important ranking kind parts: meta tag optimization factor including page title, meta description, meta keyword, heading, link url, link text, image alt, comment and body. Each of them should optimize five parameters: frequency, weight, size, prominence and proximity.
· Everytime you can optimize one web ranking factor independently.

· 32 RAM
· Pentium 200 Above

· Nag screen
· 30 days trial or 100 runs
· Only Title, Keyword, Description, Heading Optimize Functions are open, others are disabled.

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