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Qube is the third generation desktop client providing instant, browserless access to information from the collective index of traditional search engines.

Up until now, with a few exceptions, most everything done on the Internet has been browser-based. You point, you click, and you move along, taking the browser, and all the heavy advertising and marketing cross-promotion baggage it carries, with you.

Whereas, Qube will ask for what you want and let you sit back while the heavy lifting of finding and delivering the requested information is done for you, without much fuss. Qube enables, for the first time ever, single-click websearch, without having to use a browser, switch applications or even enter a keyword.

Qube will Instantly search any text already onscreen (or manually entered) and retrieves results in less than a second, while also enhancing your search with features like realtime History Logging, Spell Checker, Dictionary results and more, all without aDon’t take our word for it, see for yourself!

Here are some key features of Qube Websearch Client:

· Browserless Search
Qube enables, for the first time, single-click websearch, without having to use a browser, switch applications or even enter a keyword.
· Relevance & Speed
Query the internet’s best search engines to retrieve collated results, of highest relevance to your keyword, in less than 2 seconds.
· RSS Feed Reader
View & Manage your RSS feeds right from your desktop. All common data syndication formats are supported, including XML formats like RSS and Atom.
· Search History
Keeps track of all your searches and logs the visited URL’s of the target result.
· One-click Search
Qube Instantly searches any text already onscreen (or manually entered), while also enhancing your search with features like Real-time Spell Checker, History Logging, Dictionary results and more, without any performance penalties.
· Built-In Previewer
For instant webpage preview. Customizable, and supports tabbed browsing.
· Adult Filer
Qube intelligently monitors adult content from results and handles it according to your instructions.
· Search Refiner
For those who need a high level of control over their search in order to quickly locate specific chunks of information.
· Progressive Search
Subsequent results loaded intelligently to save significant loading time, while maintaining the search speed.
· Realtime Suggestions
Real-time Spell checker to prompt as you type.
· Dictionary
Displays english definitions for the searched keyword, where applicable.
· No Spyware/Malware
Qube contains NO spyware/malware of any form. We DO NOT condone, support, nor endorse the use of any spyware application.

· An always-on broadband connection like DSL or Cable is recommended, however, Qube works fine with any type of connection.

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