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Techinline Remote Desktop is a service that will help you connect remote easier than ever before. From just anywhere using only a browser you can access and get control over a remote system or share access to your desktop in seconds.

With Techinline Remote Desktop users can create remote access sessions which work perfectly over any network connection and can meet any requirements for remote control or access.

The whole process of session setup and actual connection to a remote party’s desktop takes no more than 30 seconds and involves just two easy steps: you log into system and use Client ID to connect to a remote computer. And that’s all! Sure, if you want to tune the session’s parameters, for example, you may want to go to the configuration panel before connecting the client and set a specific image quality for the session to accommodate your network environment.

But if you have to start the session immediately, you don’t need to go through wizards, or any setup dialogs. You can start using the service right after you’re logged in. This means that your response to someone’s request for remote assistance or collaboration will be immediate.

Simplicity – Whether it’s a client who needs technical assistance or your partner requesting a hands-on meeting, there is no need for him to be a computer expert. All the knowledge that is required is how to open a link in a web browser. And after your remote party gets his Client ID, all process comes into your full control. You don’t need to go through any prior training, software installation or setup. You just give a link to a person, and in less than a minute you’ll be able to start working right on his desktop or share your own with him!

Security – Another advantage of Techinline Remote Desktop over the common remote access techniques is that you don’t have to deal with the issues of firewall access limitations. Techinline Remote Desktop service works over standard HTTPS protocol and uses it in a way compliant with the ones supported by Internet Explorer.

Therefore, you don’t have to open any extra ports to make Techinline Remote Desktop functional ? and there is no need to weaken corporate network security or fight with the restrictions of the current network environment when you are on the road. Moreover, encrypted traffic means that all communications are totally secure and private ? both visual data and mouse/keyboard input are encrypted.

The strong 128-bit encryption makes it nearly impossible to break in to session data, and the centralized structure of the service, when all session traffic goes through the Techinline server, makes it a stable medium suitable for your everyday operational needs. And as of data retention, there is no private data that is collected or stored, even on a statistical basis, by Techinine service or software under it.

Here are some key features of Techinline Remote Desktop:

· Remote Desktop View
· Remote Keyboard and Mouse Control
· Share Local Desktop View
· Share Keyboard and Mouse Control
· Browser-Based Service
· 128 Bit SSL Encryption
· Auto-Scrolling
· Instant Connection
· Adjustable Color Quality
· Easy to Start by Novice Users
· Firewall/Proxy Transparent

· 15 days trial

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