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Xmanager is a powerful and easy-to-use PC X server that runs on Windows platforms. Xmanager will allow you to bring remote Linux/Unix desktops to your Windows PC seamlessly. You can also run remote X applications securely through the SSH (Secure Shell) protocol even when your Windows PC is inside a private network and a firewall is between your PC and the remote server.

Share the X applications and Unix/Linux server systems.
A group of users can share various X applications like CAD/GIS that run on Unix server systems. Especially, in the environment like companies’ training facitilities or computer rooms of schools where user groups often switch in and out, PC X server can be flexibly used and applied.

Run MS Windows and Unix/Linux applications simultaneously.
Xmanager helps you finish your job more efficiently on the complex network environment. You can easily switch your work by clicking from window to window on your computer screen.

Connect to the remote server system whether you are at work or at home.
If your home and office PC are connected to the internet, you can work remotely from your home. It is impossible to handle all business tasks only with text-based terminals (such as using telnet). But with PC X server, various tasks including graphic applications can be performed at your home.

Here are some key features of Xmanager:
· A high-performance 32-bit X11R6 PC X server
· Support for Windows Terminal Server, Citrix MetaFrame for Windows
· XDMCP, SSH, RSH, REXEC, RLOGIN and TELNET connection protocols
· Up to 128 X client connections per Xmanager session
· Automatic Cut & Paste between X and MS Windows applications
· Integrated SSH1/SSH2 protocols with public key authentication
· Single & multiple window mode

· 30 days trial

Download Xmanager for Windows

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