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Remote-Anything will allow you to monitor or use any distant PC via a network access, cable, dial-up or the Internet -as if you were there- and without disturbing distant users.

Run and use any DOS and Windows program, transfer files (drag and drop), get passwords of the distant PC, reboot, lock it up, and much more! Email it to an End-User: when he clicks the 70KB attachment RA is installed, configured, running (and will start at boot time)

RA allows real stealth surveillance as well as administration, instant training, interactive chat, user assistance and remote application sharing, by providing an easy way to work on multiple remote computers at the same time.

Here are some key features of Remote-Anything:
· Instant Delivery: a 80 KB footprint allows to request and receive support instantly
· Zero-Configuration: RA consists of one unique 80 KB file. Double-click it and it’s installed, configured and operational
· Firewall/Router Traversal (with the DS): Find any PC user by his name in the world! The DS allows you to locate, monitor and keep record of the usage of billions of PCs on a WAN.
· Ultra-Fast File-TRansfer: the intelligent compression technology allows to transfer files at incredible speed.

· A PC 386, 486, Pentium or higher
· 2 MB of free RAM
· A VGA compatible video adapter or higher
· 700 KB free HD space
· a network adapter or a modem or a cable to link Master and Slave
· the TCP/IP protocol installed
· For Windows 95 users: Winsock 2.0

· 30 days trial

Download Remote-Anything for Windows

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