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Remote Administrator is a security remote control application which will enable you to work on a remote computer in real time. Radmin is the award-winning and world famous remote control software and remote access software, which includes multi-user text and voice chats, file transfer, Windows Vista support, NT security support, telnet access, various connection modes, etc.

Radmin is fast, secure and an affordable remote access solution that enables you to work on a remote computer as if you were sitting right in front of it and access the same computer from multiple places.

Radmin is extremely secure, employing 256-bit encryption for all data streams. Radmin utilizes the ever-present TCP/IP protocol-the most widespread protocol used in LANs, WANs and the Internet. This means you can control virtually any computer from anywhere in the world.

When in “Full control” mode, you have complete, unlimited control of the remote computer so you can launch applications, work on documents, transfer files, even shut it down. Of course, that is provided you are the system administrator or have been granted these permissions by the system administrator.

Radmin is designed to let you work with the remote computer as if you were sitting in front of it. The remote computer screen appears in a separate window on the screen of your computer. You can make multiple connections to the same computer, use advanced file transfer, remote shutdown, telnet, and more. Strong 128-bit data encryption, NT security, IP filter and other security features are also included.

Radmin Remote Control can be used for helpdesk and network management needs in small, medium and large corporate networks. Radmin features fast performance even through a modem connection.

Here are some key features of Radmin Remote Control:

Main Radmin Viewer window:
· Folders in Radmin phonebook.
· Explorer-like tree view window with Radmin folders.
· Drag and drop of items and folders.
· Radmin phonebook stored in the file.
· Export-import phonebook files.
· Save column sizes and window position of main window.
· Options dialog in main window.
· Defaults for new connections in options.
· Global options for Remote Screen, File transfer, Chat, Audio Chat in the Main window options.
· Scan for running Radmin Servers.
· Minimize viewer main window to icon.
· Ability to create shortcuts to phonebook items on desktop.

Remote Screen Window:
· True Color support
· Remote Screen Toolbar.
· Multiple monitors support.
· Smooth scaling (stretching) feature.
· Special keystrokes handling (Alt-Tab, Windows key, etc).
· Mouse wheel support.
· Choice of F12 key support (global settings).
· More options to send keys (Print Screen)
· Fast launch of other connections (file transfer, chat, voice, telnet) from Remote Screen window without entering passwords again.
· Server cursor support in two ways: replace local cursor and draw remote cursor with the screen updates.
· Fullscreen view when remote screen size is less then local (black canvas).

New connection modes:
· Multi-user chat.
· Multi-user audio chat.

Radmin Server:
· Compatibility with Windows XP multiple user sessions.
· New video hook driver.
· Support of sending cursor shape and position.
· New options interface.
· New login/password settings interface.
· Multiple monitors support.

· Advanced 256 bit AES encryption for all sending and receiving data.
· New Radmin security supports Users with individual rights.
· Radmin security uses new authentication method based on Diffie-Hellman exchange with 2048 bit key size.
· Kerberos support.
· Capability to bind to the network interfaces.
· DNS name and user name info added to the logfile.

· Compatibility with Radmin 2.x
· Get/Set remote clipboard options
· Choosing the monitor option when working on multiple monitors
· Windows ‘Switch User’ feature is not fully supported
· Remote Screen is cut off when the screen resolution on the remote side is adjusted to a larger size
· Possible problems with drawing the wallpaper when working on multiple monitors (the same problem is in Windows Remote Assistance)
· 30 days trial

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