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The Returnil Virtual System is a useful program that makes your Windows system impervious to virus attack, to spyware tracking and it automatically sanitizes all Web activities and surfing history.

This is a powerful technology that clones a “copy” of your Windows system in one second. If the System Partition Protection is on, all of the change in the system partition will be lost after reboot. It deals with any unknown and future virus.

The Returnil System Backup give your the power to create a system partition backup file in Windows. You can save the system patition image to any partition except system partition. That enables you to restore the system in minutes in case of severe data damages or hardware failure.

With the Returnil Virtual System ISO Burner, you can burn our ISO file onto any kind of CD/DVD recordable. Then boot your system from this CD/DVD bootable media. Our restore engine on the CD/DVD will automatically scan your hard disk and roll back your system to a predetermined state.

Here are some key features of Returnil Virtual System:
· Eliminates consequences of on-line attacks
· Viruses, Trojans, Worms, Adware, Spyware, and unwanted content disappear with a simple reboot
· Enforces settings and protects your user’s internet privacy
· Helps reduce overall disk wear by using memory rather than HDD cloning technology
· Saves you time, money, and lost hair by maintaining or improving peak client performance
· Reduces or eliminates the need for routine disk de-fragmentation of your system partition
· Your spam filter is strong, but not infallible ? Returnil will eliminate the consequences from users opening infected e-mail and/or attachments
· Leaves absolutely no traces of computer activities ? for those who maintain computer labs or Internet cafes, Returnil is the tool that will get you home early for a change!
· Eliminates all activities even if your computer is powered-off or crashes
· Eliminates the danger of evaluating new software that does not require a reboot to install
· Offers stronger, simpler and smarter protection for your network clients
· Speeds up your web surfing and computer processing
· Seamless integration with supported Windows Operating Systems
· Easy to use, deploy, and setup ? Contact us for details about MSI compatible installers!

· Processor: Minimum Pentium 166+
· Hard Dirk: 25 MB free space (minimal configuration)

· 30 days trial

Download Returnil Virtual System for Windows

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