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SimplyTechLook2Me Remover (also known as L2MRemover) is easy to use since it’s very similar to ETRemover (also known as the EliteToolbar Remover) which is the SimplyTech.it generic anti-malware solution.

Look2Me Remover runs in Windows 2000/Windows XP only and it could be perfectly used in Normal Mode and needs two imputs by you to work:

– Firstly: press the “Scan” button and let it searching any occurrences in your System, Memory and Registry. If it will found a known variant of the malware it will detect it, make it innocue by injecting our code in the malware while it is running, then it will list the Registry keys wich load the malware at each restart of the System.

– The second thing to do is pressing the “Delete Keys” button to cleaning the Registry from the keys wich cause the infestations to run on the reboot.

If you feel unsure about the remotion of the Registry keys you can also check the “Save before delete” box so a backup file *.reg will be saved just in case you would to rebuild the deleted keys.

Please keep in mind that “Look2Me Remover” doesn’t remove the previous variant of the Look2Me malware, since we started studying the variant wich is out only from November 2005 we would advise you that this program works for the versions of the malware that go onward from that date.

Required files:
The L2MDFN.DAT file is the file wich contains the malware definitions. It is necessary that this file is put in the same directory where L2MRemover has been installed.

Look2Me Remover Live Update:
Look2Me Remover has automatic live update function: by using the command “Check for updates…” in the menu of the program it will search if a new version is available in our site, and will let you download it if necessary.

Look2me is a Trojan that is used to deliver other trojans and adware/spyware components. On each boot, the Trojan contacts a server at Rackspace.com. It then downloads potentially hundreds of other spyware components AND applications (that it installs automatically). Eventually the victims computer becomes unstable. Even though look2me is a well documented Malware trojan the latest versions of NAV and Adware did not detect it. Only PestPatrol was able to detect some versions of it however it was unable to remove it as the look2me Trojan was interfering with Pestpatrol’s boot time clean up operations.

This application is also a spyware. Spyware software generally does not provide any services to you; rather, it is primarily designed to watch you as you use your computer or surf the Internet, and report this information to hackers, advertising companies or other individuals who have placed the spyware on your computer.

The new variant of VX2 we are going to kill has been issued sometime in the last November 2005. This new variant may employ rootkit-style cloaking or “stealth” techniques to hide itself; several people have reported that Ad-Aware indicates their system is infected with VX2, but can’t locate the files, or that QAd-Aware locates the files but they cannot see the files Ad-Aware is reporting using Windows Explorer. The malware uses rootkit-style cloaking to conceal itself.

In addition to spreading through browser exploits and other security exploits, VX2 is more and more often being spread along with other files on peer to peer file sharing networks. People downloading files from P2P networks may be infecting themselves with VX2 as well.

At this date (19th November 2005) the “Look2Me Remover” wich we are offering for free is the only effectively working solution to detect and clean the Systems wich are infected from the latest versions of this malware.

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