Browser Hijack Retaliator

Freeware – Zamaan’s – Windows

Anti Browser Hijack Software. Real-time protection for your Internet Explorer Home Page, Search Page, Search Bar and Favorites.

Browser Hijack Retaliator will monitor your settings andas soon as an application attempts to modify those settings, you will be alerted by popup dialog and have the option to allow or block the change. The program also provides access to cookie and cache deletion.

Hijacks and advertiser software take control of a users Internet Browser, for example Internet Explorer, Netscape, Opera. Brower Hijacks can take users to websites they did not request. You could enter one address and be taken to something completely different.

If a browser becomes hijacked, a user may find they get large numbers of pop-up windows, re-directed to search websites, re-directed to online stores or may not be able to browse the internet at all. By clicking on the content in pop-ups or links, the website can use flaws in the design of the internet browser to install more spyware.

Any ad’s relating to spyware removal or free tests should be closed by pressing the “X” in the top right corner of the window. Not by any buttons contained within the advertisement as this is a common way of tricking people into allowing more spyware to be installed.

In many cases, the hijack will also change a user’s homepage or add links to favorites which return, if deleted, after a reboot of the computer.

Download Browser Hijack Retaliator for Windows

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