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AboutBuster was designed to be a tool that scans for AboutBlank on an infected system. Currently, its database supports the detection of CWS.HomeSearch, CWS.MfPlay, and CWS.SeDLL. Released in June of 2004, it made its debut as the only tool of its time to fully detect the HomeSearch virus.

Here are some key features of AboutBuster:
· Boot into safe mode by tapping the f8 key as your computer boots. You should do this before you see the Windows splash screen.
· Also, make sure you can see hidden files; Open My Computer and choose Tools, then click on Folder Options, click on the View tab and under Advanced Setting, choose Show Hidden Files and Folders, then click on OK and close My Computer.
· Right-click on My Computer, Choose Manage, Double-click on Services and Applications, Click on Services. In the righthand column find “Network Security Service”, and double-click on it. (In Safe Mode this may already be stopped) Choose Stop and then write down the name and path of the file in the “Path to Executable” section. Set the Startup Type to Disabled. Click Ok. Close the Computer Management window.
· Remove any lines that relate to res://.dll/index.html#37049 with Hijack This.
· Delete the dll file that was in the place of the word random; res://.dll/index.html#37049
· Verify there is nothing out of place in your hosts file.

Download AboutBuster for Windows

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