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AdCleaner – The most outstanding feature of AdCleaner is that it can kill and block those annoying floating Ads which fly over your IE client window continuously, and of course kill and block those pop-up windows, Adware, Spyware at the same time.

AdCleaner will save you time and money by blocking and killing floating advertisements, adware, popup windows, spyware from web pages! Floating advertisements, pop window advertisements, Adwares and Spywares take up a large portion of the amount of the data your computer must download when visiting many web sites.

AdCleaner is fully compatible with all versions of IE browsers. Designed for IE 5.01 or above running in Windows 9x, 2000, ME, NT , XP and 2003 as a browser add-in. It is light on your system’s resource and resides in system tray. It works as an add-in of IE browser and automatically starts when you start up IE browser.

Besides, you can call AdCleaner option dialog out by pressing hotkey F12 while surfing webs. A special menu will be add to IE context menu, so that you can also get the AdCleaner dialog by selecting the menu of AdCleaner.

Here are some key features of AdCleaner:
· Block Floating Ads and new form popups
· Clean and auto block over 5600 Adwares, Spywares
· Lovely looks, Skins, user tips supported
· Clean all form IE ads including : general popup ads, modeless dialog popup ads, winhelp popup ads, unfathered popup ads, floating ads, flash ads, uncached image ads, script-based ads, adware ads, spyware ads, parasiteware ads, malware ads.

· 7 days trial

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