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Since a path from any broadcaster to any subscriber – broadband Internet – already exists, TVU networks won’t have to build any intermediary infrastructure. Furthermore, TVU networks’ technology allows content providers to broadcast their programs with low-cost real-time servers and affordable (several megabits) Internet connections. This dramatically reduces the network carrying cost in comparison to today’s cable and satellite television services.
TVU’s free Broadcast application is designed to allow anyone with a PC (Windows or Linux) and a broadband internet connection to create their own TV channel. TVU’s goal in releasing this software is to democratize broadcasting ? enabling existing TV channels to find a global audience, and allowing you to create new channels that mirror your interests.

We hope that you’ll create unique channels that are educational, cultural, and most of all, just plain fun. We’d love to see surfing channels, high school sports channels, great webcams, and things we never even thought of.

Here are some key features of TVU Broadcast:
· New web-based user interface
· Built-in encoding allows you to simply select video and audio sources and press Go (“power users” may still want to use an encoder to get the exact signal configuration they want).
· New “file list” capability allows you to broadcast a file list, and also to
· change the file list while broadcasting. All files in the file list must be WMV files, and they must all be in the same format.
· Real-time display of how many viewers are watching your channel
· Transmission improvements that boost the channel’s Signal Strength.

Download TVUBroadcast for Windows and Linux

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