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Remove about:blank Buddy helps when you are attacked by browser hijackers. Browser hijacker is a kind of spyware which changes your browser home page and doesn’t allow you to change it back.

It’s very important to get rid of browser hijackers as soon as possible because browser hijackers don’t only hijack a browser, but also install new spywares and steal your personal information from your PC!

Most of our customers already have helpless anti-spyware when they purchase Remove about:blank Buddy. Indeed, it’s very hard to remove browser hijackers because most of them have self-modifying and self-recovering capabilities!

Remove about:blank Buddy is specially developed to delete such browser hijackers. Remove about:blank Buddy doesn’t just perform “spyware removal” like other anti-spywares do, but solves the problem!

Remove about:blank Buddy removes all browser hijackers installed on your PC and restores damaged browser configuration settings. After a removal procedure you will be able to change your home page in a common way via Internet Explorer.

Remove about:blank Buddy is easy to use; no technical knowledge is required. The application has three steps which allow you to remove unwanted browser helper objects, restore browser configuration settings and request a support.

Remove about:blank Buddy isn’t free. Almost all browser hijackers have self-modifying and self-recovering capabilities so it’s really hard to get rid of them. Freeware cannot guarantee successful removal of browser hijackers. Be careful, there are free anti-spywares that are bundled with a spyware.

Remove about:blank Buddy is worth $29.95. Remove about:blank Buddy isn’t an anti-spyware that just “removes spyware” but cannot solve the problem. Remove about:blank Buddy will remove all browser hijackers on your PC or your order will be refunded.

There is no trial version of Remove about:blank Buddy. Nobody buys the software after successful removal of browser hijackers. Browser hijackers should be removed as soon as possible. Maybe browser hijackers are already copying your information out of your PC!

Download Remove about:blank Buddy for Windows

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