YCC Yahoo! Bot Maker

Freeware – YCC – Windows

YCC Yahoo! Bot Maker is a program designed to quickly and efficiently create Yahoo! accounts.  The accounts created by YCC Yahoo! Bot Maker can be used for any of the Yahoo! services such as Yahoo! Mail or Yahoo! Instant Messenger (Y!M).

YCC Yahoo! Bot Maker mimics a web browser by requesting the same pages the browser would during a normal account sign-up process (https://edit.yahoo.com/registration?).  YCC Yahoo! Bot Maker then displays the information in a more friendly Windows application and solicits a response from the user for the appropriate information to create an account.  YCC Yahoo! Bot Maker also has the ability to automatically fill in the requested account information with pre-generated or automated data.  As a method to create even more accounts, manual proxy and proxy list support is included.

Quick Start

  1. Leave all the default settings and press Process under Processing Options (1)
  2. Once a CAPTCHA control has been shown in the queue, enter the CAPTCHA and press Submit for the respective control.
  3. Wait and the next CAPTCHA will appear.
  4. The results are stored in the bots.txt file in the program root directory.


Download YCC Yahoo! Bot Maker for Windows

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