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Apex is a general purpose Web server that was designed with the busy sysadmin in mind. It runs on both Unix and Windows. It strives to be simple and concise, yet powerful. It installs a default home page with customized links based on its single configuration file.

Apex web server supports basic authentication to secure access to sensitive links with simple password protection. It supports both simple, “one command” CGI through its configuration file and full CGI support with scripting. Apex is an web server application with password protection.

Apache is fast, but sometimes all you need is quick! apex installs instantly and configures quickly. The auto-home-page feature makes it an easy task to set up a simple web interface with a few links (even password- protected ones). A less complex, more task-focused design allows basic services to become web-enabled, safely and quickly. No CGI knowledge is required for basic tasks.

Here are some key features of apex:
· ease of use and simplified administration
· lots of configuration examples
· basic CGI commands can be placed inside the configuration file
· auto-home-page feature creates a default index page automatically based on comments in the configuration file
· password-protected links using basic authentication
· password-protected directory listings
· manage a home page by adding lines to the server’s config file
· safely list password-protected directories and/or files
· alias your links to hide directory paths
· easily test your CGI commands

Download apex for Windows and Linux

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